They Said…

Mehler’s touch is as nuanced as Bill Evans’s, and his phrasing draws on both jazz and classical music without directly importing licks from either. The subdued certainties of his playing bring a crowded room to total silence.”

–John Fordham, The Guardian

©Chloe Dévis

 A refreshingly slow answer to our trashy nanosecond pop culture.

–Mike Flynn, Time Out London

“★★★★ Disorienting and fascinating”

–Colin Irwin, MOJO {in reference to Scheme For Thought}

Tod Hedrick, Elan Mehler, David Moore, Andrew Zimmerman

“This is beautifully calming music, inwardly-routed and pensive, the players circling around each other in a luminescent pool.”

–Martin Longly, BBC Music

The After Suite is a masterpiece with a capital “M””

–Chris May, All About Jazz

©Mike Delfin       Scott Spivak, Max Goldman, Becca Stevens, Jeremy Viner, Tod Hedrick, Elan Mehler

“Quite simply, this is an absolute gem that you shouldn’t miss.”

–Reg Dancy, Basic Soul {in reference to “The After Suite”}

 Suggests a meeting of Stanley Cowell and Aaron Copeland in a millennial fanfare for the not so common man.

–Kevin Le Gendre, Echoes Magazine  

“Its a moodily elaborate treat”

–Metro {London}

© Chloe Dévis          Elan Mehler and Adam McBride-Smith 

“Building a productive relationship between two genres of music that few jazz artists other than Bill Frisell have managed to splice.”

–The Guardian {in reference to Half Seas Over}

“A fine balance between McBride-Smith’s laconic vocal delivery and superbly crafted lyrics and Mehler’s supremely well-paced piano work.”

–Time Out London {in reference to Half Seas Over}


–Uncut Magazine {in reference to Half Seas Over}

“Intriguing Gilles Peterson piano protege Mehler has Jarrett and Mehldau links, but achieves mesmeric effect with a lot more space and a lot fewer notes.”

–The Guardian

© José James           Elan Mehler and Scott Spivak

“Calling Mehler’s latest release an album about whales is akin to calling “Moby Dick” a book about Jazz.”

–Elan Mehler